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A short history of the work SHA does,
representing your product at the various
international trade shows and
client meetings

2023 / 2024 MAY: ATE Gold Coast host Tourism Australia SEP: Korea and China wholesaler sales calls, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing hosted by Sydney Hotels and Attractions UPCOMING 2024 MAR: Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam wholesaler sales calls hosted by Sydney Hotels and Attractions JUN: ATE Melbourne hosted by Tourism Australia SEP: TA Marketplace - Japan, Korea hosted by Tourism Australia

2022 FEB: Tourism Australia International ‘Re-open’ Conference hosted by Tourism Australia APR: TA JAPAN Aussie specialist presentation hosted by TA Japan MAY: ATE Sydney hosted by Tourism Australia MAY: ATE Virtual Asia / UK / Europe hosted by Tourism Australia SEP: TA Marketplace Japan and Korea hosted by Tourism Australia OCT: Wholesaler meetings Japan and Korea hosted by Sydney Hotels and Attractions

2021 JAN:  DNSW Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia Live video, 224 agents watch JAN:  TA - DNSW Japan 2021, 2 Days online meetings 38 wholesalers meetings   FEB:   Lunar New Year: DJB hosts China key agents dinner Sydney - 11 agents VVIP Attend MAR: Tourism Australia: Destination Australia Conference Sydney  MAR:  India 4 sessions online, India Market training and update MAY: ATE Sydney hosted by Tourism Australia MAY: ATE Virtual Asia / Europe hosted by Tourism Australia

2020 JAN:  Melb ITO and Hotel meetings JAN:  Bushfire devastate Inbound market FEB:   CV19 breaks out globally from its China source MAR:  International lockdown due to CV19 APR:  Tourism Australia -Update on China Workshop APR:  Tourism Australia - Update on Korea  APR:  DJB starts production on new destination and attraction training views-launched by TA for ASP Training globally MAY:  Tourism Australia -Update on SE Asia MAY:  DNSW Roundtable meeting on direction of tourism  MAY:  Australian Tourism Exchange Melb- Cancelled MAY:  DNSW update on India  MAY:  DNSW Webinar, new digital trends, the new market JUN:  DNSW Food and Wine virtual webinar -China Hong Kong and Taiwan JUN:  Phoenix TV interview - Live to China and Taiwan JUL:   DNSW SE Asia Virtual training - 127 agents  JUL:   Japan leading day tour company overnight Jervis Bay training JUL:   TA Greater China webinar:  285 agents watched AUG:  TA SE Asia Webinar:  246 agents watched  AUG:  TA Japan and Korea Webinar  AUG:  Further destination video production for the Japanese market SEP:   3 Day virtual Japan Online wholesalers meetings -  58 agencies met SEP:   DNSW New Zealand live webinar:  195 agents attend  SEP:   4 DAY Sydney ITO meetings all markets OCT:  Tourism Australia China Virtual online  2 days - 43 virtual wholesaler meetings OCT:  Tourism Australia, NSW Korea virtual online - 68 agents attend  NOV:  Australia Marketplace Online - 3 days virtual UK/Europe meetings   28 meeting total  NOV:  Business Events Virtual online  MICE meetings Greater China  NOV:  DNSW New Zealand agents update - 147 agents watch DEC:  TA China Marketplace 2021 online  - 46 meetings across 2 days DEC:  Japan ITO sales calls and Christmas dinner - 5 directors and product managers DEC:  Destination Sydney South Surrounds Symposium ​

2019 JAN:   Sydney Sales calls, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and China    5 days   24 meetings FEB:   Lunar New Year, DJB/SHA hosts Korean and Chinese celebration dinners in Sydney, a total of 28 agencies attend. MAR:  Grand Opening of Sydney No1 Vietnam Travel agency in Sydney- DJB speak and welcomes. MAR:  DJB/SHA partner workshop, discuss trends and international developments  APR:   Australian Tourism Exchange Perth May:   Overseas sales mission China(Kunming, Shanghai, Beijing ) Taiwan, Vietnam (Hanoi and HCM ) MAY:   DNSW Japan Workshop 2 days, 19 agents  JUN:   DNSW -Tourism Australia Vivid famils across 6 countries JUN:   Korea Seoul Biggest consumer trade expo  90,000 retail attendees 3 days and additional sales calls  JUN:   China ( Xiaman, Shanghai) Vietnam and Taiwan  JUL:    Sydney Japan Ito sales call and presentation, design the New Sydney! JUL:    Tokyo and Osaka JTB Head Office Invitation, DNSW Tokyo Office Planning JUL:    Japanese Famil x 3 new agents to Jervis Bay  AUG:   Melb Hotels and ITO sales meetings  4 days SEP:    Focus On China Sydney 3 day conference, 60 + meeting and following pre and post famils all hosted by DJB SEP:   Japanese Ito sales calls top 6 agencies SEP:    2 day Taiwanese Famil, 36 staff all Sydney and South Coast attraction, new itinerary planning OC:     Melb and Sydney hotel and ITO meeting across all markets  NOV:  Japan Famil overnight DJB, hosted and guided ​ NOTE: 2018/2019 was a record year for SHA/DJB handling over 110,000 international bookings across, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sydney, Jervis Bay and Melbourne for our product partners.

2018 JAN:   NSW Tourism Minister Dinner  FEB:   Lunar New Year, DJB Hosted a dinner 16 Korean ITO and separately 14 China ITO MAR:  Korean and Vietnamese Sydney Sales calls MAR:  India Workshop hosted by DNSW, 16 ITO attend APR:   Shanghai Sales calls and Singapore, Malaysia - 9 days -  39 agencies APR:   Beijing, Chengdu and Seoul Korea and Vietnam  Sales calls  12 days - 47 agencies  MAY:   SYDNEY ITO, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong MAY:   VIVID Sydney, DJB hosted a series of Japanese, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesian, China and Taiwanese Famils JUN:   Korean Travel Expo Seoul  3 days 90.000 + retails visitors AUG:   Sydney ITO sales calls, 5 markets covered AUG:   Korean Travel Expo 2.5 days and further Korean wholesaler sales calls SEP:    China Sales Mission ( Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing )  Taiwan  and Vietnam (Hanoi and HCM) OCT:   China ( Hunan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou )  Korea DNSW Mission Trade Show, China ( Xian and Chengdu )

2017 JAN:   DJB hosted Chinese New Year dinner - top 10 Sydney-based China ITO FEB:   Hosted Korean government delegation 3 days Sydney- Jervis Bay FEB:   Melb and Syd Inbound sales calls, covering 4 markets MAR:  Sales Mission Taiwan and Korea - 36 agents across 5 days APR:   China Key agents famil to Jervis Bay and Surrounds- overnight JUN:   Series of International agents destination and attraction inspection on behalf DNSW VIVID. JUN:   Melb inbound sales calls AUG:  China (Beijing ), Japan and Korea International sales calls across 14 days - 74 meetings. SEP:   China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing ) and Vietnam  OCT:   Hong Kong and Taiwan and Vietnam Sales Calls OCT:   DNSW CHINA Mission Hunan China NOV:  Founding member of South West Sydney Tourism Task Force NOV:  Xinhua News covers Jervis Bay live broadcast, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan NOV:  Korea Retail Travel Expo, 80,000 + public in attendance

2016 JULY:  DJB partner workshop, International market update hosted by DJB AUG:   Sales Mission China, (Guangzhou, Shanghai Beijing, Qingdao, Chongqing and Chengdu )  Seoul South Korea OCT:    Korea Travel Consumer Expo, 75,000 participants across 3 days plus additional wholesaler sales calls OCT:    Winner South Coast Tourism Awards, Discover Jervis Bay: Marketing and Promotions  OCT:    Sydney Hotels and Attraction is founded and allows expansion to service clients, in Cairns, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melb.  Specialising in Hotel Representation NOV:   DNSW Inbound workshop NOV:   Sydney and Gold Coast Inbound agents sales calls, SE Asia, China, Taiwan, Korea

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